Increase Crop Health

Do you want to increase crop yields by 30-40 percent? Do you want to reduce pests and disease? We can do that!

Plants need food, just like people do. Give them the right food and they will grow and produce well. Give them the wrong food, or too little food, and they wither and die, subject to pathogens, pests, and disease.

Bio Minerals Technologies has consulted and worked with some of the leading plant and soil scientists in order to understand the real problems in our crops and soils. We have worked with the experts so we can help you identify and provide the correct balance of macro, micro, and trace nutrients for your fields and crops. and we help you place them where and when your crops need them most.

Our products and services include:

  • Plant disease solutions
  • Seed treatment products
  • Plant nutrient foliars, both premixed and custom
  • Micro-nutrient and trace mineral packages for soils and plants
  • Crop nutrient timing for maximum effectiveness and efficiency

The articles below show you how others have benefited from our plant nutritional solutions. Each solution is tailored to the crop and field that needs it, though some of our solutions have shown universal results. Call us at 435-753-2086 and see how Bio Minerals Technologies can improve your yields and your bottom line.

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