Bio Release and Solu-PLKS

Bio Release is one of our most universal products (Solu-PLKS is the organic form). We use it as a component in the following applications:

  1. Seed Treatment
    (2-3 oz/cwt)
  2. In-furrow at planting (to solubilize nutrients)
    (1/2 - 3 gal/acre, depending on crop)
  3. Foliar blends
    (16-64 oz/acre)
  4. Microbial Mineral Tea
    (1 gal/100 gal water)
  5. Stabilizer for liquid fertilizer applications
    (1/2 - 3 gal/acre, depending on volume)

Bio Release functions as a nutrient solubilizer and stabilizer within the soil, acting as a complexing agent. The high degree of complexation increases the bio-availability of soil nutrients for plants as well as reducing nutrient leaching. Studies show that phosphate leaching is reduced by more than 44 percent in sandy soils when applied with Bio Release.

Plant dry matter sources

Applying Bio Release in-furrow at planting extracts significant amounts of nutrients from the soil, neutralizing the minerals and holding them available in the soil for the plants and microbes to use as needed. When applied with foliars, Bio Release is a very efficient carrier to help move the nutrients from the leaf surface into the plant.

Bio Release is particularly effective when applied with fertilizers and/or minerals to maximize nutrient availability. The Bio Release neutralizes the minerals so they do not tie up in the soil upon application, maintaining their availability for the plants.

When used with our Microbial Mineral Tea, the Bio Release extracts the minerals from our mineral source and stimulates the biological reproduction from our microbial source. The end result is a much more microbially dense tea than can be produced without it.

Bio Release is an all-natural, organically complexed fermentation derivative designed to extend nutrient availability in the soil. It is especially effective with P and K as well as secondary nutrients S, Ca, Mg, and micronutrients B, Cl, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, and Mo. Bio Release contains extracts of humic and fulvic acids and is very high in the functional phenol and carboxylate groups. Bio Release contains over 37 percent organic matter to enhance beneficial microorganism growth and help restore organic matter content in the soil. Bio Release also contains a mixture of natural L-form amino acids, including all the essential amino acids.

The organic form of Bio Release is Solu-PLKS

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