FLC Plus

FLC Plus is a more targeted derivative of FLC. It contains all the same microbial stimulant properties, with the addition of live microbes designed to protect against fungal pathogens both in the soil and on the leaf. FLC Plus also includes azotobacter and other nutrient-harvesting bacteria that will help feed the plant through the leaf surface. Because the microbes are the protecting agents, the plants are often protected all season long with a single application.

  1. Planting - in-furrow
    (1/2 - 2 gallon per acre)
  2. Microbial Foliars
    (32 - 64 oz/acre)

FLC Plus is an all-natural plant growth stimulant, based on fermented and extracted natural compounds and organic matter substrates and derivatives with the addition of live microbial cultures. FLC Plus contains natural enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and beneficial microbes. FLC Plus improves the rhizosphere by enriching and stimulating microbial growth in the soil. The beneficial microbes in FLC Plus help harvest nutrients for the plant as well as protect against fungal pathogens throughout the growing season. FLC Plus can be applied in-furrow, and as a foliar, for complete protection of the plant both below and above ground.

Plant dry matter sources

FLC Plus is recommended for use on all soils and plants, contributing to and stimulating beneficial microbial activity and growth in the soil and on the plant surfaces.

For organic applications, this product is certified as FLC G2

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