Natural Seed Treatment

Here at Bio Minerals Technologies, we have been treating seed for better germination and plant health for many years. We use a combination of nutrition (mostly trace minerals) and biology to stimulate germination and give the plants a proven boost.

Seed germination is an enzymatic process, and trace elements are the main triggers for enzymatic activity. We use both targeted and general trace element sources, applied directly to the seed to trigger and strengthen the seed's natural processes. We also use a broad cocktail of live microbes, also applied directly to the seed. These microbes are focused on harvesting nutrients to feed the young plant. We include microbial stimulants to promote faster reproduction and growth. The microbes take advantage of the nutrients and stimulants that are placed on the seed, as well as nutrients in the soil, to grow and proliferate. These microbes will stay in the root zone of the plant throughout the growing season, continually harvesting and converting nutrients from the soil and passing them to the plants in a form the plant can actually use.

The combination of both nutrition and targeted biology create a symbiotic system within the soil that provides a better environment for plant growth and success. The result is a larger, stronger root system, and larger and stronger plants with higher yields.

You can read more information about our seed treatment and see examples of the results by going to our Seed Treatment section of the web site.

See our detailed Seed Treatment explanation and examples from other farmers.

You can also watch a video presentation of our seed treatment program, including results from multiple farms and crops through the years.


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