Prevent Goss's Wilt with Bio Empruv

Goss's Wilt is a common bacterial disease that has overwhelmed the majority of the corn in North America. The good news is, we can prevent and treat it, simply and naturally, with proven results. To learn more about Goss's Wilt, its causes and solutions, check out our webinar with input and information from several scientists.

By using our all-natural Bio-Empruv, you can have green corn fields in September and October, with full ears, better yields, and better quality. The video below shows an example from one of our mid-West distributors. Your choice is simple, put up with the early death and reduced yields of Goss's Wilt, or apply Bio Empruv and use our High-Yield Corn Program during early growth and return to green fields and full ears.

The two pictures below were taken on a treated field in Iowa on September 18, 2016. Note the size and fullness of the ear in his hand, as well as the green and health of the stalks.

Here is an ear from another treated field. Note the size and length of the ear and how full it is.

Other fields in the surrounding area were completely dead and dry, as seen below.

The net result of the disease is the early death of the plant, with a 20-30 percent reduction in yield due to small, unfilled ears. The corn also does not dry as well on the stalk because the dead stalk cannot reabsorb any of the ear's moisture, thus requiring more drying after harvest. Here is a picture of the results of Goss's Wilt from a nearby infected field.

The cause of Goss's Wilt is a simple bacterial pathogen named Clavibacter michiganensis subspecies nebraskensis. It is a common pathogen in the soil, but it only has a chance to express itself in the absence of healthy bacterial control mechanisms. If you have a healthy, balanced biosphere in your soil, you will not have any problems with Goss's Wilt. If, on the other hand, you have killed off your good microbes through over-application of pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, then the conditions are ripe for a bacterial disaster.

We can prevent the disaster with a simple application of our natural Bio Empruv product. As we control the clavibacter pathogens, we can also work with you to restore the proper biological balance and health to your soil, reducing and preventing future problems.

The picture below shows a side-by-side comparison. The field on the left has been treated with Bio Empruv, the field on the right has not.

In addition to Bio-Empruv, there are other preventative measures that can also reduce the incidence of Goss's Wilt:

1. Resistant hybrids - Choose your hybrid carefully for your region and soil type. Unfortunately, the GMO varieties are all built on susceptible hybrids, so they are very open to the disease.

2. Digest residue - Reinforce the proper soil biology to better digest corn residue. The clavibacter likes to overwinter in undigested corn residue, thus infecting the new crop at planting.

3. Crop rotation - Plant alternating crops that are not susceptible to Goss's Wilt.

4. Plant nutrition - Make sure your soil and plants have adequate nutrition, more than just NPK. Plants also need a full complement of micro and trace elements for proper nutrition and immune functions.

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Below are some additional slides highlighting the benefits of Bio Empruv, not only preventing Goss's Wilt, but increasing yield.

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