Foliar Product Options

Bio Minerals Technologies has an extensive set of foliar products designed to improve the health, strength, and yield of your crops. While the list below is comprehensive, you won't need or use all of them. As we work with you to design your crop program, we will highlight the products that will do the most good for you and your specific situation as well as the timing for the most effective application. The products are divided into two categories: Foliar Biology and Foliar Nutrition

Foliar Biology

Foliar Biology Boost contains 11 groups and dozens of species of beneficial microbes with functions ranging from fixing nitrogen  (azotobacter) to harvesting nutrients and protecting against pathogens. Beneficial biology is as important on the leaf surface as it is in the soil. This product is organic.

FLC Bio-stimulant is the food source to explode the microbial growth rate once they are placed on the leaf surfaces through the foliar application. FLC is applied with Foliar Biology Boost. This product is organic.

FLC Plus Bio-stimulant is the food source to explode the microbial growth rate once they are placed on the leaf surfaces through the foliar application. FLC Plus also includes additional microbes for harvesting nutrition from the air plus protective microbes that are very effective against fungal pathogens. FLC Plus can be applied in place of Foliar Biology Boost. (FLC G2 is the organic equivalent)

EnviroXtreme helps plants deal with stress from HEAT, DROUGHT, COLD-FROST, or SALT. When the treated plants are under stress, these microbes start producing compounds to change the plant functions so it can more effectively handle the stress conditions while preserving plant performance and yield. This product is organic.

Krusty is a biological surfactant that reduces the surface tension in water molecules so you can cover much more surface area with less water. Krusty helps disburse the Foliar Biology Boost microbes uniformly across the leaf surfaces for more complete coverage.

Bio Empruv is very effective at preventing Goss's Wilt infection in corn by increasing corn plants' resistance to disease as well as physiological stress.

Bio Empruv G2 is the same as Bio Empruv, with the addition of a systemic anti-fungal agent which helps to protect against surface-borne fungal pathogens (such as Tar Spot).

Beauveria Bassiana is a group of endophytic fungi that destroy and control plant predator insects (any insects that bite the plant)

Foliar Nutrition

Foliar Micro Boost is a blend of essential trace elements required by the plant in higher amounts. (Micro 5-5 is the organic equivalent).

Bio Release facilitates mineral absorption, speeds up nutrient uptake, stimulates microbial growth, and provides nutrition for the plants. (Solu-PLKS is the organic equivalent).

Moly 3% is essential for the azotobacter to fix nitrogen from the air and the soil as well as for the plant to convert nitrogen into many different amino acids and proteins.

Cobalt 3% provides essential support and activation for many other mineral and enzyme functions. It is the activator for enzymes making Vitamin B12, which is an essential nutrient for livestock and humans.

Manganese 6% is a required micro-nutrient cofactor in photosynthesis, catalyzing the water splitting reaction, cellular respiration, and nitrogen assimilation.

K-30 Potassium is an enzyme co-factor that drives protein, starch, and adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which helps regulate the rate of photosynthesis. It regulates the opening/closing of the stomata. K is essential in nearly all processes of plant growth and reproduction.

Cal 11% B 0.2% Ca is required for structural roles in the cell wall and membrane. It helps N-fixing bacteria form root nodules and is a co-factor for many plant enzymes. Boron is a co-factor to enzymes that are key in a wide range of functions including cell wall formation and stability, maintenance of structural and functional integrity of biological membranes, aid in movement of sugar and energy into growing parts of the plant, especially in translocating nutrients from plant to seed, plant to vegetable, and in pollination and seed set.

Silicik 2% Silica plays a vital role and is essential for photosynthesis and chlorophyll formation. It regulates plant uptake of iron, manganese, and aluminum, helping to reduce their toxic effects on the plant, alleviates plant stress, exerts protective effects of both physical and biochemical defense barriers through enzymatic degradation by fungal pathogens.

OII-YS is made from medical-grade chitosan and saponin extracts and is an excellent fungicide to stop plant infection for up to 4-6 weeks. OII-YS activates the plant's natural chemistry to increase immunity against disease, increase BRIX, increase Chlorophyll production (Yield), and reduce water usage within the plant. (OI-YS is the organic equivalent)

Mg Sulfate: When soils are high or low in Magnesium, it is unavailable to the plant. Most soils are out of the available Mg range as well as low in Sulfur. Mg Sulfate provides both necessary minerals which can be absorbed directly through the leaves. This product is organic.

In addition to our common foliar products, we have additional options to address a broad range of issues and situations. If you are looking to improve your crops, or just reduce the amount of chemicals you are using,

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