Seed Treatment for Increased Yields

A strong start is critical to the growth cycle of young plants. The proper biological and nutritional environment on and around the seed will increase germination and create stronger seedlings which result in stronger plants and naturally greater yields. As you can see in the corn plants shown at the left, the treated seed (left plant) is much larger than the non-treated seed (right plant). They were both planted from the same seed on the same day. The only difference is that the larger plant grew from the treated seed.Treating your seeds with the Bio Minerals Technologies products and process will:

  • Increase seed survival rate
  • Increase disease resistance
  • Eliminate pathogens on seed and in the soil
  • Improve fertilizer efficiency
  • Improve water efficiency
  • Increase crop yields

Our seed treatment provides the following benefits:

  • Scientifically formulated symbiotic blend of microbes, minerals, growth stimulators, and natural mineral chelating agents
  • Microbes promote and enhance root system development
  • Microbes boost beneficial populations in the soil to control pathogens and increase nutrient availability
  • Mineral chelating agents neutralize minerals to prevent them from tying up in the soil
  • 60+ trace minerals give seedlings and young plants a nutritional boost and increase disease resistance

The beneficial microorganisms include:

  • Microbes that fix nitrogen
  • Microbes that kill pathogens
  • Mycorrhizae to augment root development.

The picture on the right shows two wheat samples. The bundle at the left was from treated seed using the Bio Minerals Technologies' products. Note the thicker stalks and the greater root mass on the treated samples. The bundle on the right was untreated.

Using our seed treatment, we have seen typical yield increases of:

  • 20-30 bushel/acre in irrigated crops 
  • 5-15 bushel/acre in dry land crops
  • Alfalfa tonnage increase of 1-2 ton or more per acre

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Seed Treatment options

Bio Minerals Technologies has developed two seed treatment options. Our primary seed treatment is a liquid-based application that is sprayed on the seed prior to planting. This can be easily applied at the auger intake during seed loading or transfer. Our liquid application provides for maximum delivery and concentration of our symbiotic microbes, minerals, growth stimulators, and chelating agents. Our liquid seed treatment can be used with most seeds, expect corn and soybeans, which use the dry treatment option below.

Our secondary treatment option is a dry seed treatment that can be mixed with the seed directly in the planter box. This dry treatment is primarily used with corn and soybeans because of their harder, less permeable shells, and in order to maintain the integrity of prior seed coatings, however, it can be used with any seed. Due to the dry nature of the product, the application concentrations are not quite as dense, though the results appear to be comparable.

The image shown at the left is a field of treated silage corn shown at harvest. The photo at the top of this article shows the difference between the treated and untreated corn plants shortly after germination. Both plants were planted at the same time and received the same water and field nutrition. The only difference is the seed treatment. The dry mix was applied at a rate of 1 oz dry seed treatment for each 20-23 lbs of corn seed, based on a per acre rate.

72 hr sprout difference in treated seedAnother of our customers sent us this picture of a test they did. They treated some barley seed with our seed treatment products. As an experiment, they put a small handful of seed side-by-side in a damp towel. The left side is untreated, the right side is treated. They waited 72 hours and then took this picture. As you can see, there is a substantial difference!

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