Corn Treatment Comparison - 2017

One of our local neighbors here in Logan, Utah treated one field of silage corn as a test to compare against an adjacent field that was untreated. They used our Dry Seed Treatment for Corn and mixed it with the seed before planting. Both fields received the same fertilizer, same watering schedule, and the same rainfall (or lack of it). We started with a very wet spring and then quickly transitioned to a very hot and dry summer. These pictures were taken at the beginning of August, 2017.

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Ear length

Let's start with the ears. The ultimate measure of a plant's health is the reproductive results. As you can easily see, the treated ear on the left is much longer than the untreated ear.


General field condition

The treated field is thicker, taller, and more vigorous while the untreated field is thinner, shorter, and will yield significantly less sileage than the treated field.


Leaf width

The treated corn leaves are also significantly wider than the untreated leaves. This provides much more photosynthetic area for even greater plant growth and nutrient conversion.


Stalk thickness

Below are some pictures of comparable stalks from just before harvest. The treated stalk on the left is thicker and greener than the untreated stalk.



As the season drew to a close and the farmer prepared to harvest the corn, we went back out into the field and dug up one treated plant and one untreated plant. We wanted to see the difference in the root systems and also get some weights and final measurements.

In the picture at the left, you can see Tyler holding both plants. The treated stalk on the left is 26 inches taller than the untreated stalk. In the root picture, you can also see the root system on the treated stalk (left) is significantly larger than the untreated stalk (right).


As a final plant measurement, we cut each stalk off at 6" above the root to simulate harvest and then we weighed the stalk and ear without the root. We also weighed the ear from each plant (both plants had one ear).

  Treated Stalk Untreated Stalk
Stalk and ear 2 lb 0.4 oz 1 lb 2.5 oz
Ear only 14.8 oz 9.6 oz
Total height 107" 81"
Ear length 12" 9.5"
Ear rows (kernels) 18 16
Ear length (kernels) 38 35

As soon as the farmer completes the harvest, we will update this article with the tonnage yield for each field as well.

Every indicator points to the greater growth and success of the treated plants as compared to the untreated plants. If you want similar results, treat your seed before you plant. You will see greater germination, better growth, less disease, greater stress tolerance, and greater yields. Call us at 435-753-2086. For a general description of our seed treatment products and processes, visit Seed Treatment for Increased Yields.


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