What makes our seed treatment different?

Bio Minerals Technologies' biological seed treatment has been proven at many farms and in many different environments: irrigated, dry farm, cereal crops, pulse crops, vegetables, grass, gardens, and more. Our customers have been improving their plants and their yields for years and consistently outperforming their neighbors and any other seed treatment options.

So what makes our product different?

Our natural seed treatment is composed of a proven blend of mineral nutrients, growth stimulants (both for plants and biology) and beneficial soil biology applied directly to the seed for maximum effectiveness and protection. We have two formulations for our seed treatment. Our liquid blend is generally used on cereals and most legumes, as long as the seeds have a permeable shell. This allows for greater penetration and application. Our dry seed treatment is used on corn, soybeans, and other seeds with a hard, more impermeable shell. A description of the two blends is given below, along with the benefits and functions of the various component.

Liquid Seed Blend

The liquid portion of our seed treatment includes both plant nutrition and biological stimulants which will jump-start the germination of the seed and stimulate and proliferate the biology throughout the rhizoshpere.

Note: When treating corn or soybeans, we always use our Dry Seed Treatment option.

The liquid elements are delivered in three components:

  1. Seed Treatment Liquid Premix (conventional or organic) - a combination of plant nutrition and growth stimulants for better germination.
  2. FLC - our biological stimulant that will greatly multiply the biology that is placed on the seed.
  3. O2-YS (O1-YS if organic) - protects against fungal pathogens during germination and early growth.

By eliminating pathogens and strengthening plant resistance, energy can be focused on growth and early vigor in the seedling and early growth stages, giving you stronger plants and better yields at harvest.

Soil Biology Boost

The Soil Biology Boost (SBB) is a blended powder that contains 12 different groups of biology and each group contains multiple species of organisms. These microbes fix minerals for the plants, N, P, K, S, CA, Mg and trace elements. Some of these organisms fight pathogens and prevent diseases. Other microbes produce enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, organic compounds and antibiotics for the plant to use.  These microbes will function all season long under the plants in their root systems. In addition to the microbes, there are 75+ micronized minerals in the SBB powder formula to provide nutrition for the microbes as their bodies grow, reproduce and function. The microbes need the nutrition just as much as the seed does.

One of the greatest benefits of our natural seed treatment protocol is that we work with nature to nourish and protect the seeds and young plants. We don't need poisons. We have plenty of the beneficial microbes, plus natural pathogen deterrents, so our farmers are able to plant confidently, without a need for supplemental toxins.

Wire Worm Control

If you have issues with wire worm or other insects in your fields that feed on the germinating plants, we can add Nemasan to the liquid blend. Nemasan will not only protect the crop against the worm infestations, it will actually kill the worm in the soil.

Dry Seed Treatment Option

For corn, soybeans, and other very hard-shelled seeds (or very tiny seeds), we have a dry seed treatment option. This is a blend of nutrition, stimulants, and biology very similar to the liquid seed treatment. This dry powder can be applied to the seed directly in the seed box. General application rates are as follows:

Corn: 4.35 oz / 100 lbs of seed

Soybean: 10.25 oz / 100 lbs of seed

Alfalfa, grasses, and other small seeds: 16 oz / 100 lbs of seed

Corn Root Worm Control

If you have issues with Corn Root Worm, we can add Beauvaria Bassiana organisms to the Soil Biology Boost. These microbes will kill the root worms when they try to feed.

Our farmers have been very successful with our seed treatment for many years, improving their seed germination, crop health, and yield significantly.

If they can do it, so can you!

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