Treat Your Own Seed with our Mini Seed Treater

The Bio Minerals Technologies seed treatment products have proven themselves through years of real-world application and results. The other articles in this section give plenty of examples of how the seed treatment has benefited the crops, yields, and farmers. We have discovered, however, that applying the seed treatment can be a challenge sometimes. Luckily for us, we have some very inventive farmers and they have come up with some simple and creative methods to treat their seed.

We have combined many of their ideas and built several different iterations over the past few years in our efforts to help our farmers apply the seed treatment and receive the benefits it provides.

The result is a small, portable, battery operated unit that is very flexible and can be used to treat anything from small batches of seed up to large truckloads of seed. We use it at our warehouse, and we have sold units to farms that use them to treat all their seed whenever they need it. The video below gives you an overview of the new mini seed treater and an example of how we use it for small batch treatments.


If you are interested in treating your own seed with our Bio Minerals Technologies seed treatment products, give us a call at 435-753-2086 and we can help you!

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