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Bees have a target on their tail and our chemical agricultural environment is killing off too many of them. By using our probiotic and trace mineral products, our bee industry partner, Slide Ridge, has been able to reverse bee losses and build healthier, larger, and stronger hives.

Bio Minerals Technologies animal probiotic supplements provide the following benefits:

  • Replenish compromised digestive biology
  • Boost immune system functions
  • Improve bee nutrition absorption and utilization
  • Increase production of antioxidants for toxin elimination

Bio Minerals Technologies trace mineral supplements provide these additional benefits

  • Fully activate under-performing enzymatic systems (immune, digestive, reproductive, neurological, etc.)
  • Improve resistance to environmental stresses
  • Build greater performance in all aspects of the hive

When used together, this paired solution produces:

  • Vigorous hives with significantly reduced winter loss
  • Strong and active spring hives with constantly increasing grading in the almond orchards (and other pollinating commitments)
  • Greater resistance to environmental toxins and stresses
  • Noticeably fatter bees, signifying good health
  • Noticeably calmer bees because better health reduces stress
  • Active hive growth and honey production (season dependent)

You can see the results in the articles below. If you want to remove the target and protect your hives, call us at 435-753-2086, or contact Slide Ridge and use their prepackaged nutritional solutions.


Healthy Bees are Cultured Bees!

Bees are in trouble. With the ever-increasing levels of pesticides, herbicides, reduced forage variety, diseases, parasites, pests, and the usual weather related issues all combined, the world has seen alarming declines in bee populations through Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Ken Hamilton, of Bio Minerals Technologies, has been very successful over the past ten years in strengthening the immune systems and overall health of numerous cattle, swine, and poultry operations. His fermented nutrition programs and trace mineral additives have done wonders for livestock, so Ken felt he could make a difference with the bees as well.

Honeybee Update 2017 - only 5% winter loss!

Only 5% winter loss!

That was the text we received from Martin at Slide Ridge Honey the other day. He had been down at his winter holding yard to start checking the bees and preparing them for pollination next month and when he realized how low his loss rate was, he just had to tell us! He also had some smaller beekeepers with him that were wintering their hives together. If they hadn't been there, they wouldn't have believed him!

Slide Ridge Honey has been using our Bio Minerals Technologies probiotics and trace minerals in their beekeeping nutrition program for just over two years now. Their bees have been so successful that other beekeepers and beekeeping suppliers have been asking about it. The demand was so high that Slide Ridge even created a nutritional product line for the beekeeping supply channel!

As Slide Ridge took their bees into the almond pollination last year (2016), their hives were among the highest graded hives in the orchards. The hives were full and the bees were active, and they received top dollar for their services. People have noticed.

Martin, at Slide Ridge, has always been generous with his help to smaller local beekeepers. He has frequently taken their hives along with his as part of his pollination contract, allowing them to earn some revenue from their hives in addition to their honey. As Martin’s bees continued to show such strong results, many of these smaller beekeepers wanted to benefit from his advanced beekeeping techniques and protocols. So Martin sold his premixed nutritional products to those who wanted them, and many of their hives began to look just like Martin's, strong, healthy, and vigorous.

When Martin went down to the winter yard to check his bees, he took about 16 of these smaller beekeepers with him. Their hives were pooled with Martin’s at the wintering yard in preparation for the almond pollination in February. The loss rates for Martin’s small beekeepers varied significantly. Those who had been following the nutrition and mite treatment program had loss rates similar to Martin’s. There were others who did not follow the nutrition programs or mite treatments, and some of those beekeepers lost all their bees!

For comparison, average loss rates for the winter of 2015-2016 throughout the US were approximately 38%. Martin’s losses were far below that average last winter too. National loss rates for this winter (2016-2017) are predicted to be around 45%. A 5% loss rate is almost unheard of in our modern beekeeping environment. It just goes to show how important proper nutrition is to the health and strength of your hives!

If your hives are struggling, or even if they are “average,” you need to get some of Slide Ridge’s Fat Bee formulations to boost your hive nutrition and health. Don’t wait any longer. Your bees are depending on you!

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