Feed Probiotics and Save Money

Feed Probiotics and Save Money!

The use of probiotic supplements in humans is widely recognized and accepted, with many health benefits. We have been using probiotics in animals for over 15 years and our results have been consistent.

  1. Lower mortality
  2. Better digestion and feed utilization (they eat about 15-25 percent less)
  3. Increased animal health (less disease)
  4. Increased animal performance

The volume of probiotics used is very small, but it makes a significant difference. For example, we have been working with poultry farmers, both layers and broilers, as well as turkeys. We add one quart of probiotic per ton of feed and the results have been universal:

  1. 15-25% reduction in feed consumption
  2. lower mortality and greater overall bird health
  3. More solid refuse, easier to clean out
  4. Significant increase in egg quality – harder shells, larger eggs
  5. Increased productive longevity – birds lay at higher rates for a longer time
  6. Broilers increase in size by 15-20%
  7. Reduced incidence of disease in the barns

We use the same quart of probiotics mixed into the rations of swine with similar results. They all eat less (the same 15-25%), improve condition, reduce disease, and gain weight.

Cattle receive larger doses because of their larger size. Adult cattle receive 3-5 oz/head/day, mixed into their daily ration. Again, we see the same results: eat less, improve condition, reduce disease, increase milk production or gain weight.

With newborn cattle and swine, we use small doses of probiotics, given directly by mouth, to inoculate their digestive tracts with good biology ahead of any pathogens. This reduces scours, lowers mortality, and gives the babies a much stronger start. We have successfully treated scouring calves with doses of probiotics and they recover, with no ill effects. As soon as the animals are large enough to eat dry rations, the probiotic is included in the ration mix to continue the benefits through maturity.

We combine the probiotics with a micro-nutrient mineral dust in the feed for even greater results. The micro-nutrients replace much of the trace minerals that are missing in our plants today, providing more complete nutrition for your animals, resulting in greater health and performance.

The cost is minimal and quickly offset and exceeded by the reduction in food consumption.

Why aren’t you doing it?

You can also check out our use of probiotics to ferment forage.

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