Bio Empruv and Bio Empruv G2

Bio Empruv is a blend of natural fermentation extracts, microbial metabolites, growth stimulants, and surfactants. The formulation of Bio Empruv directly targets the gram positive bacteria Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. nebraskensis, which is the the root cause of Goss's Wilt in corn.

Bio Empruv is an advanced generation of plant nutrients, complexed with organic and amino base to enhance nutrient availability and uptake by the plants. It contains natural growth promoters, enzyme precursors, and nutrients to aid i crop production.

The application of Bio Empruv early in corn plant development will completely inhibit infection and proliferation of Goss's Wilt while improving nutrient uptake and plant performance. It is not unusual to see a yield boost of 30-40 bu/acre even without Goss's Wilt.


Apply 8 oz/acre of Bio Empruv in-furrow with your starter to neutralize the Goss's Wilt bacteria in the soil and on the seed.

Apply 32 oz/acre of Bio Empruv via foliar no later than V10-V12 to protect the plants throughout the season

Bio Empruv G2

Bio Empruv G2 adds a systemic fungal protection component which will shield the plants from secondary infections by fungal pathogens such as Tar Spot. The combination of both bacterial and fungal protection creates a fantastic avenue for success in your crops by reducing the most common disease vectors naturally and without toxic compounds.

Application rates and timing of Bio Empruv G2 are the same as for Bio Empruv.

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