Our FLC is used in multiple different applications within the soil and on the plant surface. Its main function is as a microbial stimulant, greatly multiplying the microbial populations in its applied environment. We use FLC in the following:

  1. Seed Treatment
    (4 - 6 oz/cwt)
  2. Planting - in-furrow
    (1/2 - 2 gallon per acre)
  3. Microbial Foliars
    (32 - 64 oz/acre with Foliar Biology Boost)

FLC actively stimulates the growth of beneficial microbial populations within the soil and on the leaf surface, building a significantly larger workforce to feed and care for the plants that grow there. FLC is particularly effective when applying humates or humate tea at planting to increase protozoa populations, stimulating nutrient cycling within the rhizosphere.

Plant dry matter sources

FLC is an all-natural plant growth stimulant, based on fermented and extracted natural compounds and organic matter substrates and derivatives. FLC contains natural enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. FLC improves the rhizosphere by stimulating microbial growth in the soil.

FLC is recommended for use on all soils and plants, stimulating beneficial microbial activity and growth in the soil and on plant surfaces. FLC is designed for soil application, foliar application, and for injection through chemigation and sprinkler systems.

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