Foliar Biology Boost

Foliar Biology Boost is a blend of 11 different microorganisms such as Azotobacter and others that fix nutrients for the plant on the leaf surfaces. With the right biology in place, plants are able to harvest a significant amount of nutrients from the air and the rain through the leaf surfaces. The beneficial biology also protects the plant surfaces from pathogenic invasions and infections.

Foliar Biology Boost is used as a foliar nutritional supplement.

The azotobacter on the leaf surfaces can harvest significant amounts of nitrogen from the air, greatly increasing Nitrogen availability to the plant and reducing synthetic Nitrogen requirements.

Foliar Biology Boost is applied at a rate of 1.6 oz/acre. It is always applied with 1/2 gallon of FLC in order to stimulate reproduction of the microbes across the leaf surfaces. The addition of 1 oz of Krusty as a spreader also helps with even distribution.

Foliar Biology Boost should be applied early in the season, but after the application of any poisons. The microbes will colonize and persist on the leaf surfaces throughout the season as long as you don't kill them with something else like herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides (our programs don't use these).

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