Foliar Micro Boost

Foliar Micro Boost is a trace mineral blend formulated for foliar applications, with all nutrients individually chelated with particular attention to molecular size for maximum plant absorption. We use Foliar Micro Boost in the following applications:

  1. Seed Treatment
    (6 oz/cwt)
  2. Foliar Nutrition
    (32 oz/acre with 16 oz Bio Release)
  3. Glyphosate Mineral Compensation
    (32 oz/acre with 16 oz Bio Release)

Foliar Micro Boost is a general micro-nutrient foliar containing crucial trace elements required for plant enzymatic functions, growth, and development. Foliar Micro Boost can be applied with other nutrients, chemicals, herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides. Several applications throughout the growth cycle are better than one single application.

For maximum effectiveness, Foliar Micro Boost is always applied with Bio Release in the mix. The typical application rate is 32 oz/acre of Foliar Micro Boost with 16 oz/acre of Bio Release, mixed in 15-20 gallons of water.

Note: Organic operations will use Micro 5-5 instead.

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