OII-YS is a common component of our seed treatment and our foliars. It has significant anti-fungal properties that protect seeds and roots as well as leaf surfaces. We have used it successfully to protect against tar-spot in corn and many other air-borne fungal pathogens on multiple crops, without any fungicides on the plants. The protective properties are systemic and will last for 4-6 weeks between applications.

  1. Seed Treatment
    (2 oz/cwt with liquid seed treatment only - with corn or soybean, apply as a post-emergent foliar instead)
  2. Foliars
    (16 oz/acre)

OII-YS is a specialized formulation of natural surfactants and sticking agents. OII-YS can positively affect the application of nutritional sprays and both the application and efficacy of nematicides, fungicides, fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides designed for use with wetting/spreading type adjuvants.

OII-YS is 2% chitosan and 6% yucca. The chitosan extracts contain a broad range of molecular weights with a wider range of molecular weights of chitosan extracted for nematodes and worms, and 25% low molecular weights for fungal pathogens. The product moves quickly across the plant membranes and increases the phytoalexin and chitosan responses in the plant.

The chitosan, which is one of the active ingredients, breaks down the chitin bonds in pathogenic organisms, which weakens and helps destroy the pathogens, augmenting the plant’s own immune responses.

For those who need an organic product, O1-YS is the organically certified version.

Applications: OII-YS may be applied by ground or aerial equipment or through irrigation. For most applications, use sufficient OII-YS to provide uniform application of spray onto leaf surfaces.

For ground or aerial application, mix 2-4 pints OII-YS in a minimum of 20 gallons of spray solution per acre. For irrigation, use 1-2 pints per acre. For foliar application, use 1 pint per acre in a minimum of 10 gallons spray solution.

Mixing: Fill spray tank with water and add all other spray ingredients according to product labels. Buffer the pH to 5.0 or below before adding OII-YS (e.g. using vinegar (acetic acid) or citric acid). Thoroughly mix to resuspend any sediment before using this product. Add OII-YS last and mix completely to fully incorporate with the other ingredients.

Note: To drop 1 gallon of water from a pH of 7.6 to less than 5 requires approximately ¾ tsp of anhydrous citric acid or 3 T of 5% white vinegar.  

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