Soil Biology Boost

Soil Biology Boost is a blend of 12 groups with multiple species of highly beneficial microorganisms such as Azotobacter and Mycorrhizal fungi. The selected organisms fix nitrogen, solubilize macro and trace elements, and some even protect the plants from pathogens. The blend includes bacteria, fungi, and over 75 trace minerals, micronized into a very fine powder. Soil Biology Boost should always be used in conjunction with Bio Release or Solu-Plks.

We use Soil Biology Boost in our Seed Treatment programs.

The groups of microbes used are targeted at nutrient harvesting with the purpose of nurturing and providing for the plants as they grow throughout the season. The microbes are applied directly to the seed for maximum effectiveness.

Applications: Use 1.6 oz of Soil Biology Boost/acre of seed. Actual application rates may vary based on seed type and density of seed planting. Densities above 100 lbs/acre will use more Soil Biology Boost.

For accurate seed treatment application based on types of seed and planting rates, please contact us for a custom proposal.

Our Soil Biology Boost has several variations based on the needs of the crop and field:

Soil Biology Boost without Azotobacter: When using Soil Biology Boost on malt barley, we leave off the azotobacter in order to reduce the nitrogen conversion. This maintains the lower protein levels necessary for malt brewing.

Soil Biology Boost with Beauvaria Bassiana: The addition of the Beauvaria Bassiana microbes helps to protect seeds and plants from soil-borne insects such as corn root worm, wire worm, and others. The Beauvaria Bassiana microbes also proliferate inside the plants, providing ongoing protection against external leaf-feeding insects.

Note: While Beauvaria Bassiana can protect against wire worm, the worms don't die until after they feed. Nemasan is a better solution as it kills the worms before they feed.

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