2019 Seed Treatment in the South

The reach and success of our seed treatment protocols has been expanding. For the past couple years, we have been working with some large growers in the south and treating a variety of vegetable crops. This example shows the results on some beans and peas.

This farmer treated his seeds with our Enhanced Seed Treatment Protocol, including biology, stimulants, and nutrition. In addition to the seed treatment, the farmer applied 8-gallons of 10-34 starter in-furrow with 1-gallon of Bio Release to stabilize the phosphate and keep it available for the plants. He planted in 40 degree weather, which is still a bit cold for planting. In seven days, his plants were out of the ground and growing strong with almost 100% germination. His neighbor planted at the same time, with more starter fertilizer, but no Bio Release and no seed treatment. His germination rate after 7 days was closer to 50%. He came over to get some seed treatment from our farmer for his next planting.

The bean plant is shown on the left and for a 7-day plant it has an impressive amount of root mass. The pea plant on the right also shows significant root development. Note the length of the root. Again, very impressive for just 7 days after planting!

7-day beans with seed treatment

7-day bean plant with seed treatment

7-day peas with seed treatment

7-day pea plant with seed treatment


Two weeks later, the farmer went out and dug up another sample of the beans. He also got a sample from his neighbor to compare it to. The treated bean plant is on the left, the untreated plant is on the right. You can see a big difference in root mass with many more feeder roots on the treated bean plant.


21-day bean plant with seed treatment

21-day bean plant without seed treatment


Pea performance with seed treatmentThe next picture we received was when the peas were putting out pods. According to our farmer, the "shell out on the white peas are nearly double for this time of year." At harvest time, his "fordhook" variety of peas produced an average yield of 203 bushels/acre. His normal historical yield was only 60-75 bushels/acre. The seed treatment and stabilized phosphate starter almost tripled his normal yield!

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