Better Pecans with Microbial Mineral Tea

Several years ago, we were approached by a pecan grower down in New Mexico. They had a good orchard, but they also had the normal struggles with pests and disease. They were looking for a better way to deal with their orchard problems and we suggested applying regular doses of our Microbial Mineral Tea through their irrigation drip system. We didn't make any changes to their base nutrition program, we just added Microbial Mineral Tea.

The grower was willing, so he jumped right in, began brewing, and applied the Tea at a rate of 10-15 gallons/acre through his existing irrigation system. The water sprays out seven feet on either side of the trees, so he had good root coverage and penetration. Through the year, he applied approximately 115 gallons/acre.

The changes were almost immediate! The trees had better foliage, and the nuts were larger with more meat. The healthier trees were less susceptible to disease, so he had fewer problems to treat.

The biggest difference came in the grading. At harvest time, he had a buyer come through and look at his crop. The buyer bought the entire crop at premium prices because of the excellent quality of the pecans.

The healthier trees, increased harvest, and higher quality easily paid, several times over, for the cost of the Microbial Mineral Tea. He has been using it ever since and continues to have strong crops with premium quality. 

It's easy. You should use it too!

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