Microbial Mineral Tea on Alfalfa

In 2010, one of our Nebraska farmers was trying to improve his alfalfa yields on a 5-year irrigated field. His typical annual yield on his alfalfa was 6 tons per acre. We introduced him to our Microbial Mineral Tea and helped him build a brewer, with the plan to inject the tea through his pivot. He applied 2 batches of tea on August 3-4, 2010 (after the 2nd cutting) with a total of about 13 gallons of tea per acre. The picture below was taken on August 28th, 2010.

 Alfalfa with Microbial Mineral Tea

When he harvested the 3rd crop, his yield was up 36% from his typical 3rd crop harvest!

He applied another batch of tea (about 6.6 gallons/acre) after harvest and by the 4th cutting, he was up 45%!

He continued with the tea for the next two years and finished 2012 with a total harvest of 9.8 tons/acre on a 7-year field!

Year Cutting +/- % + TDN RFV
2010 3rd Cutting + 36% 57.8 156.3
2010 4th Cutting + 45% 62.3 192.7
2011 4th Cutting + 63% 62.6 211.8
2012 5th Cutting    9.8 ton/acre  


The pictures below are from his 4th crop in 2011, yielding a 63% increase in volume as well as significantly larger leaves on the plants. His neighbor, without the tea, was only getting three cuttings. In 2012, our farmer harvested five cuttings, with the neighbor still at three.

Alfalfa with Microbial Mineral Tea

The benefit of the tea was not just in harvested volume, but in quality as well. The nutrient quality of the harvested hay increased significantly between 2010 when he started the program, and 2012, the last year before this field was replanted.

As displayed in the table above, the TDN and RFV values jumped up significantly that first year and stayed high, even as the yield continued to increase.

We have been using our Microbial Mineral Tea for over 15 years on a wide variety of crops, plants, and soils. The injection of large volumes and diversity of beneficial microbes, as well as trace minerals and increased microbial nutrition, are universally beneficial. The results have been consistent; stronger, healthier plants, and higher yields, with less disease and pest pressure.

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