Microbial Mineral Tea for Healthier Plants

Wanda and Len, one of our Washington dealers, have been using our Microbial Mineral Tea blends very successfully in their organic gardening practices. Len recently sent us a couple examples of his success.

His first example is a discarded tomato plant. This young plant was ready for the dumpster when Len decided to save it. He put it into a pot, using bio-char as the potting soil, and he watered it regularly with our microbial mineral tea. The seedling was rescued in July, and by mid-October it was man-high, thick, healthy, and loaded with tomatoes.


In 2018, Len planted some healthy seedlings and continued to feed them with the Microbial Mineral tea. He also planted some peas, giving them the same diet. The pictures below show his results, with the tomatoes on the left and the peas on the right.

Tomatoes treated with Microbial Mineral Tea   Peas treated with Microbial Mineral Tea

He has also been using the microbial mineral tea on some strawberries. His initial efforts created a very impressive 4' hanging strawberry garden that produced beautiful and delicious berries.His next efforts were more ambitious. These giant strawberry platforms shown on the right have runners that are over 7 feet long!

  Strawberries treated with Microbial Mineral Tea 

You can do the same in your garden, field, or farm. Call us and find out how our MIcrobial Mineral Tea can increase your harvest!


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