Benefits of Microbial Mineral Teas

The best way to recover lost biology is to grow it. Bio Minerals Technologies uses only the finest natural, organic materials, rich in microbial activity, combined with over 75 trace minerals to create a nutritious and effective brewed solution that stimulates life above and below the ground. The results are impressive:

  • One farmer increased his alfalfa yield by 40%
  • Another farmer reported 33% electrical savings from his pivot pump because the crop required much less water
  • A pecan grower improved his harvest quality to Premium
  • A farmer preserved top soil during periods of excessive rain by improving soil texture and permeability, eliminating run-off

We have many more reports from many farmers, and they are all positive. You should be next!

Our Microbial Mineral Tea can be applied to soils, roots and plant surfaces. The natural ingredients in the solutions provide both minerals and a diverse population of microbes to nourish the soil and the plants, restoring your soil's natural fertility.

Bio Minerals Technologies provides everything you will need to brew your tea, including specially treated, natural humus, biology, and minerals. We also have brewing supplies and vats, if needed. Our goal is to teach you and give you all the tools you need to be successful. Benefits include:

  • Inoculate soil with thousands of good bacteria
  • Replenish trace minerals
  • Feed and protect plant roots
  • Feed and protect leaf surfaces
  • Decompose plant residue and animal waste
  • Open up soil for better water penetration and retention
    (We had one farmer who measured 1/3 less water used, and 1/3 less electricity for the pump, just by using Microbial Mineral Tea)
  • Kill pathogens
  • Remediate toxins

Our Microbial Mineral Tea is applied in many ways, but is frequently injected into the watering systems, whether pivot, wheel, hand lines, drip systems or other solutions. Simply distribute at a rate of 15 gallons/acre for most field crops, or 5-10 gallons/acre for targeted orchard distribution (drip lines). It is simple and easy to strengthen your soils and your crops with our custom solutions!

One of our orchard owners has significantly increased the quality of his pecans by using Microbial Mineral Tea. He routinely gets premium grading and prices for his nuts because his soil and his trees are healthier.

During 2018 flooding in Montana, one of our farmers who regularly applies Microbial Mineral Tea to his fields had no run-off from his fields. All the water absorbed and percolated down through the open soil. All the fields at surrounding farms were losing vast amounts of top soil because the soil was hard-packed and could not absorb the water.

In addition to our Microbial Mineral Tea, we also have straight Mineral Tea mixtures available for direct and instant application on your plants and fields. These Mineral Teas use micronized mineral powder that can be instantly dissolved and suspended in water with Bio Release for easy trace mineral boosts to your fields and crops. Our Mineral Tea can be applied with other treatments, even herbicides or pesticides. The trace minerals will give the plants and their growth systems a boost, strengthening your fields and increasing your yields.

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