Soil Chemistry - Mineral Ratios and Balance

Over the past 50 years, the big chemical suppliers have taken over your soils with their testing, recommendations, and even applications of oversimplified plant nutrition programs (NPK). They don’t tell you why, they just tell you how much. At Bio-Minerals Technologies, we not only tell you why, we tell you how!

It is time for you to Take Back your Farm and regain control of your largest asset, the soils!

A farmer’s largest asset is his ground, the soil he tills and relies on to provide a harvest. For most farmers, their single largest recurring expense is fertilizer and soil supplements used to maintain fertility of their largest asset. And yet, the imbalance of modern farming techniques has seriously depleted soil fertility, even while artificially and temporarily boosting nutrient deficient yields (quantity over quality). It's time to rebuild our soils with a full complement of nutrients, include micro and trace minerals, in order to create a sustainable fertility that can be farmed for generations to come!

Alfalfa production from balanced soil
Alfalfa production from balanced soil

Bio Minerals Technologies will help you! We put you in touch with your soils, teach you to understand them, and show you how to improve and balance them so that you can significantly reduce fertilizer expenses while improving the nutrient capacity and quality of your soil. A balanced soil produces stronger crops, greater yields, and more complete nutrition in the harvested crops. Crops and soils with greater nutrient content require fewer artificial controls for pests and pathogens (see Pathogens and Plants for a more complete explanation.)

"The soil is the point at which the assembly lines of all life take off." (Dr. William Albrecht, Ph.D)

Our Soil Chemistry Services include:

  • Education and training to understand the proper balance of soil nutrients and minerals
  • Custom formulations and supplements to repair and renew damaged soils
  • Soil toxicity remediation

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"A most important aspect of fertility is balance between the elements. Not only is each individual element necessary, but a balance of all soil elements is necessary." (Ken Hamilton, CEO - Bio-Minerals Technologies)

A truly balanced soil with the proper components, nutrients, and minerals will produce stronger plants, with less disease and fewer pests. The images below illustrate the success possible to farmers with properly balanced soils. The pictures were taken on the same day in fields that were planted at the same time and given the same amount of water. The picture on the right shows the greater health of a balanced soil.

Non treated vs treated soils

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