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Chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides...For years, farmers have been "poisoning" their soils in the name of fertility and crop yield. The truth is, most chemical solutions are nothing more than short-term band-aids. They may provide temporary solutions, but the underlying nutritional debt just keeps getting bigger. Stop the band-aids and start the healing! Bio Minerals Technologies will show you how.

"The soil is the point at which the assembly lines of life all take off." (Dr. William Albrecht, PhD)

At Bio Minerals Technologies, we understand the soil. We understand the balances required in both composition and biology, and more important, we know how to restore those balances. We can help your soils recover from their chemically-induced sterility, revitalizing them through natural biology and trace minerals. We have the understanding and the tools to jump-start the natural processes once again, replenish the trace minerals, and return your soils to their original strength and vitality. Our remediation services include:

  • Standardized soil tests to establish deficiencies
  • Biological inputs
  • Trace mineral packages (off-the-shelf and custom)
  • Nutritional recovery plans
  • Toxin remediation programs

By restoring your soil's vitality, you improve the potential of each crop. Now, instead of limiting your yields with artificial stresses, poor nutrition, and toxic chemicals, you can increase your yields by allowing your plants to express more of their innate harvest potential.

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Under current farming practices, most soils have become chemically dependent and chronically undernourished. As a result, natural defenses have been destroyed and both fields and crops are open to the destruction of overactive pathogens. Instead of applying more chemicals to treat the symptoms, use our natural solutions to treat the cause.

All our solutions are based on nutrition, starting with the elemental building blocks required for a healthy soil. We infuse the soil with the proper minerals and re-introduce the soil's natural microorganisms in order to revitalize dormant cleansing processes. The newly awakened soil biology will quickly go to work, breaking down toxins and reproducing essential elements and nutrients to rebuild a soil's fertility and fortify the soil's natural pathogenic protections.

  • Healthy soil produces healthy plants
  • Healthy soil grows fewer weeds
  • Healthy plants don't get sick (resist plant diseases)
  • Healthy plants don't attract insects
  • Healthy plants produce a greater portion of their yield potential

Don't wait, start building your soil today!


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