Soil Biology and Toxin Remediation

We have learned from experience that the management and safeguarding of minerals and biology are the fundamental basis of all life on earth. There are elements that build structure such as our bodies, our animals bodies and plant bodies. Amazingly enough it only takes about 9 elements to accomplish this; primarily H, C, O, N, P, K, Ca, S, Mg. In the case of plants, these 9 elements are 99.50% of a plant’s entire dry matter weight.

The other 75+ elements, mostly what we consider Trace Elements are not structural. Their role is to activate the enzymes that are within each type of organism so each life form can function properly. If an element is missing, there are no substitute minerals to pick up the slack, so that enzyme simply doesn't function. Missing elements and dormant enzymes create weakness and disease opportunities.

Every life function in every living organism is run by enzymes, no exceptions. Without these activators, trace elements, and vitamins, the enzymes stop working. This negatively affects the system it belongs to whether it’s the immune, nervous, respiratory, neurological, lymphatic, endocrine/reproduction, digestive, circulatory, or integumentary; all are enzymatically driven. It's absolutely necessary these minerals are present and in usable form so the enzymes can do what their divine intelligence instructs them to do.

In our food producing soils, over time, we have depleted many of these minerals. Industry mentality has been to replace only a few of these required elements, N, P, and K while ignoring the greater balance. With the loss of crucial elements, the plants we grow experience more and more diseases. Instead of correcting the underlying problem, that of mineral imbalances or loss, modern ag resorted to toxic chemical rescue, attacking the pathogen in attempts to kill it and extend plant growth. This approach not only creates dependency on the farmer’s part, but the toxic chemicals kill beneficial microbes which then greatly affect the soil biology's presence and balances.  With minerals not being in adequate supply and essential microbes eliminated from the plants’ root systems and leaf surfaces, plants were left more vulnerable to insects and disease.

It is important to understand that pathogens have a vital role in nature. They exist to protect higher organisms like animals and humankind from eating nutrient poor foods. They also clean up the gene pool and protect future generations by ensuring the 'nursery stock' is fit and worthy of reproduction. Highly nutritional foods (plants) are not the 'food sources' for pathogens. Pathogens are only able to process (digest) incomplete, low carbohydrate and mineral deficient plants. Pathogens do not possess the digestive tract to eat and sustain their life on healthy nutrient dense plants. These plants will kill the pathogens.

Today our soils are vastly depleted and low in too many essential minerals. Our soil biology is massively damaged and largely nonfunctional. We have pushed the chemical supported farming to the limits, only further compounded by genetic engineering.

The miraculous thing is that this divine system, based around minerals and microbes, is dynamic and quickly regenerative. It can be brought back into balance very quickly. You just can't do the wrong things and expect the right things to happen. More GMOs and chemicals are not going to repair any dysfunctional system, they perpetuate it. Chemicals and GMOs will only extract money from the endeavor of growing food until it totally collapses from mismanagement due to uncontrollable diseases. The only way to correct the systems of soils and plants, even human and animal health, is with the proper uses and balances of minerals and microbes. This must begin in our soils.

Many of these soil toxins, such as glyphosate (Round Up), are long term toxins that remain in our soils for decades. Their presence is devastating to biology, insects, and plants, which continue to take them up. The toxins are then passed on up the food chain affecting livestock and mankind. Just look at the livestock and human sectors’ dependency on antibiotics and other drugs to deal with the expressed symptoms. This creates tremendous opportunities for chemical and pharmaceutical companies, but they do not correct the underlying anomaly, they only treat symptoms.

To clean up and repair this interconnected system, it must begin in the soils with minerals and microbes. Food was meant to be medicine as well as sustenance. It still has that potential, but only if it is grown properly. Microbes are capable of degrading these toxins, controlling pathogens, and nourishing plants. Microbes can make the minerals available, put them into the right forms for plant utilization that can then become mineral and nutrient dense food. Minerals can be restored to soils in their proper balances and ratios. This is the only correction that nature, in all its eons of existence, will recognize and cooperatively participate in.

All of these systems are governed by divine law. If you violate these natural laws, there are consequences. Working within the framework nature has provided us gives us sustainability. The physiological parallels are the same between soil system health, plant health, animal and human health. Biologically based discords will never be corrected by synthetic chemical inputs.

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