BMT Septic Saver

Don't Pump!

All-natural Septic Tank Maintenance

Do you have a septic tank?

Don't pump it, just flush!

BMT Septic Saver naturally digests and liquefies the solids that build up in septic systems, keeping tanks clean and functioning without costly pumping services or harsh chemicals. Just flush in our proprietary blend of live microbes and they go to work digesting the solids in your tank. The digested solids simply flow into the leach fields and dissipate harmlessly into the soils. The process is all natural, completely safe, and it works in any septic system.

Does it really work?

Before Septic Saver

We have been using these microbes successfully in large agricultural and commercial applications for years, with continuous success. We liquefy large manure pits and lagoons, and we have used it successfully in commercial septic systems. We've been using it in our own septic tanks, and now we want to help you!

After Septic Saver

For example, a local warehouse complex had a couple septic tanks in the complex that had to be pumped every 2-3 months. It was expensive and always a pressing problem on their to-do list. This past spring, they had a tank fail and back up. It was a mess! After that disaster, we convinced them to put 10 gallons of Septic Saver into each tank (they have larger tanks), and they haven't been pumped since. Each time they check the tanks, they are clean and functioning flawlessly. No more headaches!

How often do I need to treat my tank?

Because of household detergents and cleaners, we recommend replenishing the culture every six months.

How much does it cost?

A single treatment costs only $50.

Inexpensive, no pumps, no digging, no mess. Treat your tank today!

* Disclaimer: Do not put tampons, feminine napkins, baby wipes, diapers, or any other similar products into any septic system. They do not break down!

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