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mineral deficient grass

Which lawn would you chose?

They are actually the same lawn. The picture on the left was taken before we started our nutrition and treatment program. The picture on the right was after we gave the lawn what it really needed (it wasn't just nitrogen). This is not a unique situation. We routinely fix problems far worse than these. The general issues we encounter are:

  • Poor soils with inadequate nutrition
  • Overwatering
  • Biological imbalances

A properly fed and maintained lawn can be lush and green with significantly less water than a poorly conditioned lawn. Here are a few more examples.

The image on the left is what we started wtih. This lawn was significantly malnourished, and there was a lot of pet damage from the family dogs. We applied some BioPhos, which provides phosphate, calcium, trace elements, and humates and we sprayed over it with our Compost/Mineral Tea to re-establish a stronger biological presence in the soil and root zones with additional trace elements to feed the plants and biology. The final application was our Healthy Grass lawn nutrition spray to provide the minerals turf grasses need for healthy growth. As you can see, the difference was very noticeable. There is still pet damage, but with proper nutrition, even that will fill in with time.

This next example is a classic picture of poor soil. There just isn't enough nutrition for the grass to support itself. We applied the same three products: BioPhos, Compost Mineral Tea, and Healthy Grass. The result is the picture on the right.

These transformations may not happen overnight, but they do take place within a few weeks. If your grass is struggling, we can help it and correct it within a single season. Then it is just a matter of maintaining the nutritional program and you will have a healthy, happy lawn.

We can also make similar improvements with trees, both decorative and fruit or nut trees. An example is shown below.

In the first picture, you can see how only part of the trees are growing well. Many of the branches and leaves are stunted or sick, not producing any leaves, and in danger of damaging the tree or dying. We injected our Compost Mineral Tea into the root zones of the trees and we put down some of our Dry Mineral Tree Blend and several weeks later, they were all producing leaves and looking much better, as you can see on the right.

We can do this for you too (or teach you how to do it). If you are interested, just give us a call at (435) 753-2086.

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