BMT Microbial Mineral Tea

Bio Minerals Technologies wants to give your garden a good brew!

Bio Minerals Technology Microbial Mineral Tea contains life and they put the life back in your soils and plants. We brew active teas, with live microbes that solubilize the minerals and nutrients in our brew sources. We circulate air throughout the brewing process, maintaining the vitality and health of the microbes in their natural aerobic environment until they can be placed on your plants and soils.

The combination of minerals, nutrients, and active biology supercharges your soil and your plants, increasing your garden growth and yields. The microbes in the tea reinforce your existing soil biology, helping digest even more nutrients for your plants. Our mineral tea also provides a wide array of trace minerals that are essential for healthy plant growth. The minerals and nutrients already dissolved in the tea are immediately available for your plants to use, through the ground or the leaf.

Bio Minerals Technology has brewer supplies, designs, components, and complete systems available for sale or rent. Brew your tea throughout the growing season and apply regularly to your entire yard, from vegetables and flowers to lawns, shrubs, and even trees.

Check outĀ this article to see how one user has grown some incredible tomatoes and strawberries using the BMT Microbial Mineral Tea.

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