High Moisture Forage Fermentation and Microbial Metabolites

 We all know the scenario ...the hay is cut and is curing in the fields. We're supposed to have a week of good weather, but in comes a thunderstorm and soaks the crop. It may not be ruined, but it is certainly damaged and the quality significantly degraded. We can solve that problem by teaching you how to bale your forage while it is wet, introducing the right microbes to jumpstart a beneficial fermentation, without worries of heat, combustion, or nutrient loss. In fact, our fermented forage is higher in available nutrients that any other alternative, and the animals love it!

Fermented AlfalfaBio Minerals Technologies has perfected the process of fermented hay, silage, and other high-moisture livestock feeds. We add a proprietary microbial culture that includes key minerals and turn low-nutrient grass hay into high-performance cattle food, easily and inexpensively. The same process works just as well on standard alfalfa and silage. The finished bales, when fermented, transition from aerobic on the outside to anaerobic on the inside. Each zone has different flavors, and the animals like them all. The darkened area is "caramelized," and the animals get very excited about it.

We have seen herds ignore the standard feed sitting right next to them, as they break down the fence to get to the fermented feeds!

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Each zone of a fermented bale is controlled by a set of beneficial microorganisms that maintain the fermentation process and prevent molds and mycotoxins. Our fermented bales do not generate excess heat and can be safely stacked, wet, without any danger of combustion. The fermentation serves as a type of pre-digestion that helps the animals digestive system extract more nutrition from the feed, producing better results and greater health, at less cost. In addition, the microbes in the fermentation increase the effectiveness and health of the animal’s digestive system. Healthy gut equals healthy animal.

Not only do the animals like it, but the fermentation helps release additional nutrients to the animals in a form their digestive systems can readily absorb. 

  • Better feed at lower cost
  • No heat, mold, or mycotoxins
  • Better consumption
  • Better digestion and nutrition

All this adds up to healthier animals and greater success on your bottom line!

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