Probiotics and Poultry - A Recipe for Success

In late 2016, a new poultry barn was opened to accommodate a large flock of layer hens. The old barn was turned over to Levi to manage, with a total count of 13,000 layer hens, divided into two sections, one older and one younger.

At the time Levi took over, the production level in the barn ranged between 11,160 and 11,340 eggs per day.

On January 8, 2017, Levi began mixing 1 quart of High Probiotic Anti-Pathogenic Culture with each ton of feed for the birds. The results were apparent almost immediately.

On January 14, 2017:

  • They collected 12,420 eggs.
  • The number of “soft-shell” eggs lost during collection was reduced to only 10 eggs
    (previous average of 180-200 eggs lost)
  • Older birds reduced feed consumption to only 1,000 lbs/day (down from 1,500)
  • Younger birds reduced feed consumption to 1,140 lbs/day (down from 1,500)
  • Levi noted that there was significantly less manure being scraped out

Shortly after, they began adding our DynaMin Livestock mineral powder to the feed in addition to the culture. As they have tracked the barn through the summer of 2017 and beyond, they have seen the following results:

  • 10% average increase in egg production
  • Many more large eggs and far fewer small to medium eggs
    (A recent grading sheet showed 90.47% of the eggs were large, Xlarge, or above, with only 7.92% medium or below. Only 1.59% were classified as Seconds.)
  • Darker, larger yolks without yolk die
  • Thicker albumin (whites)
  • Smoother shells (roughness and irregularities of shells disappeared)
  • Calmer, quieter birds – no longer flighty or high-strung
  • Far less manure
  • Greatly reduced ammonia levels
  • Feed consumption rate evened out at 1,250 lbs/day for each groups
    (down from original 1,500 lbs/day/group)
  • Longer laying life span – they have had birds at 95-100 weeks that were still laying in the low 90’s
    (December 2017 combined laying rate of 95% with one flock at 46 weeks and one flock at 85 weeks)
  • No e-coli or salmonella (all tests negative)
    Note: Another operation had been shut down for over a year because of salmonella. They started using our culture and haven’t had any trouble since.

The total cost of the supplements is approximately $4 per day, but the increased revenue from more and larger eggs combined with reduced feed costs exceeds $200 per day!

$4 in, $200 out; it sounds like the lottery, but it’s just good business!

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