Where did all the Nutrients Go?

Over the past 100 years and more, the nutritional content of our daily food has been in a steady decline. Farmers have been producing more and more food, and we are surrounded by unprecedented plenty, yet we are constantly malnourished! Why?

As populations have increased, farmers and scientists have continually searched for new, faster, and less expensive ways to improve crop yields. For the past 150 years, there has been extensive research into fertilizers and their effect on crop yields. Unfortunately for us, their only metric for success is increased yield (from the farmer) and increased profit (from the fertilizer companies). Over the decades, they have all lost sight of the most important element, the nutritional value of the crops produced.

Everyone has focused on the three main crop nutrients Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). Today, all fertilizer programs are measured in those three elements (N-P-K). However, plants are made up of much more than just N-P-K. There are 75-80 additional essential and beneficial elements which are required to produce healthy, nutrient-dense foods. N-P-K grows volume and structure, but it doesn’t grow nutrition!

Today’s chemical farming practices continually push more and more crops from the soil, extracting nutrients and minerals repeatedly, and without replenishment. The result is that almost all farming soils today are completely lacking in the critical micro and trace nutrients. Production is only possible because of massive inputs of artificial fertilizers to force the growth of empty volume.
If the mineral deficiencies are not enough, many crops have been genetically engineered to tolerate artificial herbicides such as Glyphosate or Glufosinate. These toxic compounds may kill weeds, but they also tie up many of the nutrients in the soil, further malnourishing the crops they are supposed to help.

As the final consumers of these artificially grown husks, we are doubly condemned. Not only do the crops lack most of the necessary nutrients, but they also contain residues of the herbicides that continue to wreak havoc with our own digestive tracts. They destroy the critical microbial balances in our intestines and promote the proliferation of destructive and even toxic microbes, resulting in a precipitous rise in digestive and autoimmune disorders. The lack of nutrients and chemically induced internal imbalances weaken our natural immune systems making us more susceptible to outside infections and disease as well as internal maladies.

It is estimated that 70-80 percent of our immune system is centered in the digestive tract. It is supported by trillions of beneficial microorganisms that extract essential nutrients and control any damaging microorganisms that may be present. These microorganisms are supported by the micro and trace minerals and vitamins, and the microbes, in turn, provide nutrients for the critical control systems within our bodies. Those critical systems include our immune systems, reproductive systems, nervous systems, digestive systems and more (there are 12 main systems). The functions of every cell in our body are controlled by enzymes, and those enzymes are activated by the minerals and vitamins. Without the essential activators, those enzymatic systems shut down, leaving us exposed and vulnerable to the toxins around us.

If the good microbes have been killed by antibiotics or other toxins, or their populations reduced by our poor food choices, they are unable to function properly and can't maintain the dominant balance within our digestive tract. Without proper balances in the good microbes, the pathogens (bad microbes) gain the upper hand. Pathogens produce toxins and oxidative compounds that destroy cells and intestinal membranes, leading to a deterioration of digestive functions. The pathogens do not digest food properly, leaving it in the wrong form for our bodies to absorb. Your body responds to these foreign substances with gastro-intestinal inflammation and allergic reactions: gluten and lactose intolerance, IBS, intestinal leakage and infections, and more.

So what can we do?

There are two foundational elements of good health, and both are preventative in nature: the first is complete nutrition, including the full spectrum of minerals, the second is a strong and healthy ecosystem of beneficial intestinal microflora.

Correcting the institutional causes of our current dietary disasters will take generations (it took generations to create them). In the short term, since the modern western diet is seriously deficient in so many areas, we have to resort to supplements to correct the imbalances.

There are many probiotic supplements on the market, designed to improve and support your beneficial microflora. The daily reinforcement of good microbes helps to balance out the detrimental effects of deficient food as well as toxins present in our diet today. Bio Minerals Technologies provides a very effective probiotic supplement with an essential network of 11 different beneficial microorganisms, cultured and grown collectively, rather than individually. By growing all the strains together from the beginning, they create a mutually supportive bacterial infusion that provides unmatched strength and reinforcement to your existing microflora.

Bio Minerals Technologies also provides a liquid mineral supplement, Bio Minerals 75, containing over 75 essential trace minerals to nourish your body and strengthen your internal systems. By providing a full complement of trace minerals, your internal microflora have access to all the enzymatic activators they need to power your body’s natural defenses.

This two-pronged approach of probiotics and essential minerals promotes wellness and prevents problems before they arise. When combined with improved dietary choices such as reduced sugar consumption and fewer processed foods, our approach has been shown to reverse inflammations and internal allergies, eliminating previous sensitivities.

Greater health, better digestion, stronger immunity – we can help you Power your Systems!

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