General High-Yield Program Outline

At Bio Minerals Technologies, we have been helping farmers improve their results, naturally, for over 10 years. As we have worked with our farms and the natural products available to us, we have developed a simple, repeatable program that works, year after year. And we can do it without harmful or toxic chemicals!

The program shown below is a general outline. The specific implementation will vary based on the farm, field, and crop. As we work with  you, we will help you create custom implementation plans built around your soil reports and your crop yield targets. We also have very effective natural, non-toxic products to address pathogen and insect protection, where needed.


Step 1: Soil tests to determine base nutritional levels.
We work with your existing soil nutrition plan, with insights and understanding to enhance and fine tune your applications for maximum effectiveness.

Step 2: Establish crop yield targets.
Crops have specific nutritional needs. By establishing yield targets, we know what nutrients the plant needs and when they need to be applied. See a training video on our Plant Nutrient Calculator here.


Step 3: Apply pre-planting fertilizer, if needed.
The amounts, types, and timing of fertilizer applications will be determined in steps one and two.

Step 4: Treat Seed with Bio Minerals Seed Treatment.
This is a critical step of the process that provides important biological supplements for the seed and soil along with nutrition critical for better germination.

Read more about our seed treatment and results here.


Step 5: Plant seed with liquid phosphate in-furrow (stabilized with Bio Release) and additional side-dressed fertizilzers as needed.
Our stabilized phosphate methods are essential for early growth energy and root mass, providing a much better platform for later plant performance and enhanced yields. See examples of the results in this article.

Foliars and Fertility

Step 6: Apply foliars for trace elements and/or special needs.
The foliar applications provide much-needed nutrients timed to the needs of the crop for maximum performance, protection, and yield. Go to our Foliar section to learn more about our foliar technology and solutions.

Step 7: Apply ongoing fertilizer to complete remaining nutritional needs.
Apply remaining fertilizer (N-P-K-S) as needed, based on the soil reports and yield targets. Fertilizer can be injected, broadcast, or applied through the pivot.


Step 7: After harvest, apply Microbial Mineral Tea to digest residue and prepare soils for next season.
The Microbial Mineral Tea reinforces the soil microbes and provides greater diversity to promote better residue decomposition as well as add more available nutrition to support the soil microbial populations through the winter season. The decomposed residue cycles nutrition that will then be available for the next crops and the increased microbial populations work to improve the health, texture, and performance of the soil. Learn more about our Microbial Mineral Tea here.

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