Food for Life

Here at Bio Minerals Technologies, we are all about good food. Our agricultural operations are focused around teaching farmers and ranchers how to produce nutrient-dense, healthy foods that are not only profitable, but good for you.

We are in the process of creating a video series that illustrates how the food we eat interacts with our bodies, for good and bad. We show the kinds of foods you should eat, and why, as well as explaining the negative effects of poor food and what that does to your body. The objective is to educate you and help you make healthy, informed choices as you strive to improve your own health and that of your family.

This is an ongoing series that we have just begun. The link below is to the Youtube playlist, so the content available will expand as we add to it. You may want to consider subscribing to our Youtube channel in order to receive notifications when new content is posted.


In addition to the playlist, we have created PDF index files, allowing you to jump to specific locations within the videos for future reference. You can download the index files below:

  1. Overview - Food for Life: Index
  2. Ancestral VS Modern Diet: Index

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