Poultry Seminar

Here at Bio Minerals Technologies, we frequently teach our farmers not just how to improve, but why to improve.

In this seminar for poultry producers we talk about the importance of nutrition and proper microbial balances for the performance of the flocks. We cover topics ranging from minerals and nutrition to the digestive system, enzymes, antibiotics, and germ theory. We start with the principles and move through to the practical application on the farm as well as showcasing real results.

You can access the entire seminar play list here, or you can click on the individual topic links below.

1. Seminar introduction

2. A poultry case study

3. Our chickens and why minerals are important

4. Genetics vs Environment

5. The digestive system and beneficial microorganisms

6. Antibiotics and germ theory

7. Pathogen and toxin residues on feed

8. Bee health example

9. Introduction to Enzymes

10. The role of pathogens (yes, they do have a role)

11. Antibiotics in feed

12. Antimicrobial resistance in poultry

13. Corn mineral analysis

14. Minerals in Plants

15. Primary metabolites and enzymes

16. Soil mineral availability

17. Plant secondary metabolites

18. Plant secondary metabolites, continued

19. "Weeds," minerals, and nutrition

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