Soil and Crop Seminar

Here at Bio Minerals Technologies, we frequently teach our farmers not just how to improve, but why to improve. We want to make sure our farms understand the important relationships between the life in the soil and the life above the soil; causes, not just symptoms.

We recorded  a recent seminar and have condensed and segmented the information here so you can learn too. This seminar covers topics ranging from soil biology to minerals and enzymes and their interactions throughout the soil and plant nutritional systems. We analyze cereal grains, breaking down their growth stages and nutritional needs at each stage. We start with the principles and move through to the practical application on the farm as well as showcasing real results.

You can access the entire seminar play list here, or you can click on the individual topic links below.

1 - Introduction

2 - Intro to Biology

3 - Genes vs Environment

4 - Cereal Grains

5 - Cereal Growth Stages

6 - Plant Nutrient Calculator

7 - Minerals in Plants

8 - Soil Composition

9 - Enzymes

10- Primary and Secondary Metabolites

11 - Secondary Metabolites, Continued

12 - Glyphosate, How it Works

13 - Effects of Glyphosate

14 - Reversing Damage in Bees

15 - Argosy, Reducing Glyphosate

16 - Soil Biology

17 - Growing Fungi through Compost Tea

18 - The Role of Pathogens

19 - Soil Reports and Analysis

20 - Fertilizer Forms and Foliars

21 - Seed Treatment



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