Cattle prefer fermented forages

One of his holding yards, with hundreds of regular bales in it, had three low-moisture fermented bales. It also had some sheep. In the pictures below, you can see the sheep at the center, clustered around the three fermented bales. The closeup shows what they ate. Of all the hundreds of bales in that yard, the sheep were only eating the fermented bales. They knew what they liked, and their bodies were drawn to the higher nutrient quality and content.

Sheep eating fermented alfalfa  Fermented bale eaten by sheep

We’ve seen even stronger preferences with the high-moisture bales. Cattle push each other around for food anyway, regardless of what it is, but they are very active when trying to get to the fermented forage. They will push the regular alfalfa out of the way and eat up the fermented alfalfa. You can watch their reactions in the video below.

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