Increasing Wheat Yields and Quality

A Nebraska Success Story!

2015 was a challenging year for many Nebraska wheat farmers. One of our farmers reported weather-related issues that reduced average yields in his area to around 80-85 bushels/acre (irrigated). He was dealing with the same weather variables as his neighbors, but he also had an ace up his sleeve. In the fall of 2014, he made one change from his normal planting routine. He used our Bio Minerals Technologies seed treatment protocols when he planted his wheat last fall. The introduction of the trace minerals and biology on the seeds provided a better start for his stand and better growth for his wheat.

The difference in his wheat harvest was not manifested in bushels/acre. He received about the same volume as everyone else around him. The difference was seen in his test weights. Most of his neighbors were averaging 55 lbs/bushel in their test weights. Our farmer averaged just over 62 lbs/bushel. That seven pounds represents a 13 percent weight increase over his neighbors, just by treating his fall seed.

So what does that difference represent? Well, normalized at 60 lb/bushel and 85 bushels/acre, that means his neighbors actually harvested only 78 bushels/acre while our farmer harvested almost 88 bushels/acre (based on weight). Our farmer has a better financial outcome with his heavier wheat.

From a nutritional perspective, the additional weight represents a greater nutrient density of the wheat kernel with greater mineral concentrations. This means the wheat is better quality with a better balance of nutrients for the person(s) who actually eats it. Better nutrient balance leads to better health. With the right marketing, growing more nutritious wheat can help you receive premium pricing for your premium product, giving you the potential to increase your financial gains twice, once for harvest gains, once for quality gains.

How did the weight and nutrition get there? The seed treatment was a combination of trace mineral application with a biological boost to help solubilize the minerals for the young plants. The additional biology works to solubilize soil minerals and make them available for the plants to take up and use. A better balance of minerals with the biology to use them properly produced a healthier plant and a heavier harvest.

The benefits don’t end with seed treatment. We have other proven growth programs available that will strengthen your soils, improve your plants, and increase your yields. We have some farms that have increased their wheat yields by 70-80 percent! The average yield increase we see with our complete soil and plant nutrition programs on irrigated land can be as high as 30-40 bushels/acre. Non-irrigated soil increases are generally between 8-15 bushels/acre.

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