Seed Treatments and Alfalfa Yield Increases

In 2010, Bio Mineral Technologies began working with a 145 acre, 5-year old alfalfa field. It was a good, solid field to start with, but we knew we could improve it.

Reseeded field Aug. 2014.

The first step was to begin improving the mineral content of the soil and the plants. By replacing the many missing or deficient trace minerals, the existing plants would have a better food source and would create stronger growth. We used our Mineral Tea product and injected into the field through the pivot. The result, in the first year, was a nearly 40% increase in production in that field! The soils in the field are fairly sandy, so the supplementary minerals and biology were able to quickly reach to the root systems and promote greater growth. The quality of the alfalfa maintained a 56 or higher for TDN throughout that year.

Part of the increased harvest is due to stronger and thicker growth throughout the year. Where previously, the field was cut three times per year, after treatment, it was cut four and sometimes five times per year. The field production peaked in 2012 at 9.8 tons per acre. With a 7-year stand, it was time to reseed.

Note thickness of reseeded stand.

The field was reseeded in the fall of 2013. The new seed was treated with our Seed Treatment program which coats the seeds with a combination of our Biology Boost (with 80 trace minerals) and our Bio Release which activates the biology and makes the minerals available to the seeds and seedlings for better germination and reduced seed loss. The result was a very thick stand of alfalfa with good production in its first year (2014).

This spring (2015), we received an email from the farmer giving us an update on their first cutting:

“Hi! I just wanted to send you some pictures of the first cutting of alfalfa. It's a super thick stand, not to talk, but it makes a heck of a windrow. We have our two swaths together in these photos.”

2015 First Cutting

In their first cutting this year, they hauled 3-3.5 tons of alfalfa per acre off this field. That is a 60% increase over their pre-treatment averages! The field was first cut on June 26, and by July 9, it was already 18-20” tall again and ready for the second cutting. For the year, they harvested four cuttings and over 10 tons of alfalfa per acre!

All this as a result of complete and balanced nutrition, good biology in the soil, and a strong jump start for the seed.

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