Stress-Off is a biologically fermented extract designed to reduce plant respiration (slow down plant metabolic systems) following plant damage from herbicide, hail, or other external stresses. When a plant is damaged or stressed, it enters a “hyper” survival mode, much like human adrenaline reactions. In this heightened state, the plant soon wears itself out and dies even as it tries to survive. Stress-Off provides the necessary enzymes to slow the plant’s respiration rates, allowing it to rebuild at a more measured pace without causing further harm or damage to itself.

After herbicide or hail damage, do NOT apply nitrogen immediately. This will further damage the plant. Wait seven days after the damage before applying any nitrogen. For an example of Stress-Off in action, see the results in these potato fields.

Stress-Off is NOT effective against cold or heat damage. If you anticipate cold or heat stress during your growing season, we recommend applying the EnviroXtreme microbes preventatively.

Applications: Apply foliarly at a rate of 1 pint to 1 quart/acre, depending on the severity of the damage or stress. For severe damage or stress, use the higher rate, but applied in two intervals, 1 pint/acre at each application, 7 days apart. If separate applications are not possible, simply use the higher application rate.

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